Exploring our world of differences

4 to 14 people
2 hours
From € 660 per group

We are all wired in our own different ways, which aren’t always clear to others. This may lead to miscommunication or irritation. However, we cannot change each other. We are who we are. As a consequence, it is valuable to become aware of our own core behavioural patterns. What makes an individual good at networking? Why is someone always clearly present in a room? Why does someone else prefer to be a bit more quiet?

Based on the ‘Maps Tell’ method, we let you ‘Travel through Different Worlds’. Together we will literally map behaviour and visualise each other’s qualities. This workshop can be used, for instance, as the start of a change within the organisation and to obtain insights in the qualities and potential pitfalls of your team. Furthermore, it is a pleasurable and instructive format for
your staff outing.

This activity is suitable for groups of up to 14 people. Are you planning to come with a lager group? Ask us about the options.

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€ 660

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