3 conference rooms - 25 meeting rooms - 2 historical buildings - 131 hotel rooms - 1 outdoor area

Mission and Objectives

Conference Hotel Kontakt der Kontinenten is a global meeting place. Everyone is welcome regardless of ethnicity, religion or way of thinking.

Kontakt der Kontinenten Training & Consultancy’s mission is to promote active and conscious participation in a multicultural and global society by offering courses, trainings, and conferences.

The objective is to generate an interest in global issues, an awareness of our global citizenship and to encourage a passion for contributing to a more sustainable and just society.


The leaf representation is symbolic to the unique beautiful woodland setting surrounding our hotel…

The continuous circle symbolizes both our global society as a whole and the all-encompassing nature of our organization and its hospitality for all world citizens…

Seven leaves of seven continents, in all colors of humankind…

Gather the world!