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Kontakt der Kontinenten is a contemporary location with a rich history. With the monastic and relaxed atmosphere of the past, but also with all the comforts and facilities of this day and age. And with twenty-five meeting rooms, three special conference rooms, one hundred and thirty hotel rooms and an inspiring wooded area, you will find plenty of space for your meeting or event, overnight stay or dinner.

The hotel is like a worldly living room: diversely set up and with a special background. A conference hotel with and for world citizens. Subtle and thoughtful references to history and diverse cultures both surprise and inspire. The wings of Kontakt der Kontinenten are named after continents to which the original inhabitants – the missionaries – were sent in the past. But also the dishes from the kitchen have a worldly twist.

Kontakt der Kontinenten is a place to enjoy and to inspire yourself and each other with knowledge and ideas. And where everyone who enters goes home slightly richer than he or she came in.

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The Kontakt der Kontinenten foundation was founded in 1961 by the Fathers of the Society of the Divine Word (Societas Verbi Divini or SVD for short). Since then, and actually even before that, many extraordinary events have taken place here. You can read more about the origin of Kontakt der Kontinenten on our history page.

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Mission and vision

Kontakt der Kontinenten offers people the space to come together and wants them to enjoy all the beauty that our world has to offer in a relaxed, creative and natural way. Here, it is all about connection; connection with yourself, connection with each other and connection with the world we live in together; a melting pot of cultures. Don’t look at the differences, but look at the similarities. Be curious, be amazed and enrich yourself. A visit to Kontakt der Kontinenten will feel like a souvenir you get to take home afterwards.

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