Outdoor meeting

Looking for inspiration during your meeting? Try holding a meeting, training or brainstorming session in the open air! The combination of fresh forest air and the relaxing ‘background music’ of birdsong adds a completely different dynamic to your training than sitting in a meeting room would. Being outside both stimulates the brain and promotes creativity. This makes outdoor meetings ideal as a break from an indoor programme.

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Outdoor meeting places

There are several locations in our woodland garden that you can reserve for outdoor meetings. All locations are just a few minutes’ walk from our buildings. You can choose from various set-ups: from picnic tables, tree trunks or pouf chairs to handy mobile chairs with a writing table.

The location for your outdoor meeting can be reserved free of charge, based on availability and in combination with a room and a meeting package. This means you can use both the meeting room and the outdoor area on the day of the meeting. Convenient, because that way you do not have to worry about unexpected bad weather. Your meeting can always go ahead.

Our outdoor meeting places


Shinrin-yoku location

Did you know that every outdoor meeting place has its own theme? For example, the Shinrin-yoku location refers to Japanese forest bathing; spending time in the forest to experience the positive effects of nature.


Palaver location

Negotiating, biting the bullet and making decisions, or ‘palaver’, is ideal at our Palaver location, which is surrounded by trees. Just like in South African countries, where the imposing baobab tree often serves as a backdrop.


Kgotla location

The Kgotla location is inspired by a traditional meeting form, the ‘Kgotla’. In Botswana, tribal chiefs allow all participants to share their opinions during a meeting. Only when everyone has had their say does the chieftain make a well-considered decision.


The Colony

The event field is regularly used for team-building activities. The Colony refers to teamwork within an ant colony. Did you know that ants are the best collaborators?

Campfire break

The campfire is the place where special conversations arise and where your team or guests can end the day in a special way. In the middle of nature with the crackling sound of the campfire in the background.

It is not without reason that there are so many cultures worldwide where it is tradition to gather around the campfire to tell stories, discuss and make music. Just look at the Finns, who use the campfire to barbecue and warm up. The Navajo Indians tell stories and the Botswans confer with each other around the fire. Looking at Western traditions, marshmallows and popcorn are a must at our own campfire.

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