Corporate Social Responsibility

We don’t just want our guests to enjoy our world now. But also in the future. That is why we do everything we can to conduct our business in a sustainable and socially responsible way. Quite logical, really. Because if you have an eye for the world, you also have an eye for the environment. It’s in our DNA. Our sustainable business operations go much further than the law requires of us. We are therefore proud holders of the Green Key Gold Certificate; the highest achievable classification of the international quality mark for sustainable companies within our industry.

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Hotels & Meetings for Trees

Our guests plant trees

In collaboration with Hotels for Trees and Meetings for Trees, guests of Kontakt der Kontinenten can opt for a sustainable stay and have the CO2 emissions of their overnight stay or meeting (partially) compensated. Hotel guests can have the room cleaning omitted. For every room we don’t clean, we plant one new tree.

Meeting bookers can have an appropriate number of trees planted, depending on the number of participants in the meeting. In this way, we create a greener world together.

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The Good Roll

Let’s make the world less shitty

The Good Roll’s mission? Safe and clean toilets for everyone. At various places within Kontakt der Kontinenten, we use the tree-friendly and sustainable hygienic paper of The Good Roll.

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De Koekfabriek (The Cookie Factory)

Made with love

Have you tasted our cookies yet? These are not only tasty, but also socially responsible. They are baked by the team of De Koekfabriek, which consists of special cookie bakers; people with a disadvantage in the labour market.

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Sustainable linen

For the towels and linen, Kontakt der Kontinenten has opted for the sustainable Pure Eco line by Blycolin. This linen is organic and Fairtrade.

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Water for Water

With our own Water for Water project, we contribute to the realisation of clean drinking water in places where this is not self-evident. For every bottle of chilled and purified house water that we serve our guests, we make a contribution to MADE BLUE. As such, for every bottle, we provide 1,000 times more drinking water in countries with permanent water scarcity, such as Ethiopia, Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal.

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