Sheep herding

4 to 100 people
1.5 hours
From € 1.410,86

How do you form an excellent team? How can we communicate effectively? How do you get someone to want to work for you without bleating? You’ll get the answers to these questions and more during the sheep herding workshop. A playful and original team building activity in a pleasant outdoor environment.

During this workshop, you will actually be herding a flock of sheep. In addition, we use various metaphors to create links with collaboration and communication, leadership, passion and ambition. Will you be successful in herding a flock of sheep over a challenging course? By observing the behaviour of the sheep, we gain useful insights into our own behaviour.
Excellent cooperation and solid leadership is a must to successfully complete the assignments!

Price indication including VAT and travel expenses
0-9 personen: €1410.86
10-14 personen: €1558.60
15-20 personen: €1742.30
21-30 personen: €2037.80
31-40 personen: €2334.60
41-50 personen: €2638.10
51-60 personen: €2933.55
61-70 personen: €3237.00
Larger groups: price on request

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