Themed quiz

20 to 200 persons
1 to 1.5 hours
From € 650

A quiz hosted by Quizzzit offers you complete entertainment and is the ideal way of loosening up after a convention or event. During the quiz, the participants will enjoy music, humour and mini games. All participants use voting devices that are easily operated. No matter which quiz you select, expect lots of noise coming from the crowd. The quiz masters, some of whom are regulars on Dutch television, will explain everything you need to know.

All quizzes are also available in English. Choose from a vast range of themes, such as: music, movies, sports, football, animals, everything-mixed together, Battle of the Sexes, Sixties, Seventies, Eighties, Nineties and Zero’s.

Price indication including VAT
€ 650 up to 30 people, above that per person €12.25 extra

*including presenter
*excluding 112 km travel expenses for up to 100 people
*excluding 224 km travel expenses above 100 people


  • With more than 100 people, € 305 is added for an extra technician
  • Screen and sound amplification: on request at Quizzzit or Kontakt der Kontinenten
  • Possibility to hire a DJ: on request
  • Presentation by a Dutch celebrity: on request
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