Yoga and breathwork

From 10 persons
30 to 50 minutes
From € 200

Long meetings, brainstorm and training sessions put a strain on your head. Did you know that only 30 minutes of yoga enables you to remain energetic and productive for the rest of the day? Both individually and as a team, connecting with each other and the world in a vital, conscious and genuine way, contributes to accomplishing your joint objectives.

This yoga activity can be planned to start your day as a mind-set energizer, to break the day as a moment of focus, restoring your balance, relaxation and flexibility, or at the end of the day to head back home fully zen.

This thematic break is accessible for everyone and can be done in most regular clothing. The yoga poses are practical, purposeful and the effects are felt immediately. Instructions are clear and concise.

A tailored yoga instruction can be prepared in consultation.

Price indication including VAT
€ 200,- for 10 persons
additional participants € 18,- per person

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