Sports & Game Bus

10 to 70 people
1 to 2 hours
From € 366

What’s in the Sports & Game Bus? Nobody knows for sure. One thing we do know: these activities are varied, light-hearted and everyone can participate. The Sports & Game Bus activates all participants with various games and (easy) physical activities. Most importantly, this revolves around having fun and teambuilding!

Want more? Get more! But nothing is obligatory. We love to challenge the group, and the group dynamic decides what we will do together. This also means there’s always room for your own wishes and ideas, in addition to our challenging repertoire.

Some of the options include: disc golf, e-scooter challenge, traditional games, stone-paper-scissors, hoop games, mobile baskets, beer pong XXL and a nail hammering quiz.

Price indication including VAT
€ 366 per group for 1 hour
€ 100 per group for half an hour extra
€ 200 per group for an extra hour

1 facilitator is included. For groups larger then 20 persons, the price for an extra facilitator is € 100,-

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