The story of KonneKt

Why focus on differences, when you can look at similiarities?

Through its history as a former mission house and monastery, where the missionaries were sent out and traveled all over the world, social involvement and interest in other countries is anchored in the DNA of Kontakt der Kontinenten.

In KonneKt, the heart of the hotel, you can therefore not only get together and enjoy good food and drinks, but also be inspired by the world.

Admire our collection of worldly souvenirs and discover the surprising similarities between different cultures.

We are happy to tell you more about it!


From Gazpacho to Minestrone or Tom Ka Kai: we eat soup all over the world. In the compartments above the kitchen and in the food court is a unique collection of soup tureens displayed.

Every season, the kitchen chefs of KonneKt put together a new menu. They aim to make the menu as sustainable as possible by working with seasonal ingredients and ordering from local suppliers. This keeps CO2 emissions, and therefore the impact on the environment, as low as possible.


In the African “human” area you will find African colours, patterns and baskets.
Next to the tribal African statue is a Picasso self-portrait. Do you recognize the similarities?


The theme “divine” covers the entire bar and is inspired by religious buildings around the world. Marble and gold colors dominate the bar. Ritual stone statues and objects from Peru, New Genoa and Africa, among others, adorn the positions.


Handicraft is also something from  all over the world. Just think of the use of rattan and reed and the weaving of baskets, for example.

Decoration & arts

In the “decoration & arts” area you will find a colorful collection of stripes, decorations and floral motifs. Here too the similarities are surprising, because motifs on traditional clothing from Marken appear to resemble knitted clothing from South America.

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