Hybrid meetings & events

The use of livestreams during meetings has increased enormously in recent years. Whereas physical meetings are often limited to a maximum capacity, you can reach more people with a hybrid event. This is not only budget-friendly but also interesting for participants who want to follow the event from home – or even from abroad – and therefore do not have to travel. And that in turn offers opportunities for organisations that want to reduce the CO2 emissions of their event, for example.

Another advantage of a hybrid event is that you can record the livestream for later use. Think, for example, of an after-movie or on-demand streaming. In short, plenty of opportunities and possibilities to get more out of your hybrid meeting, training or conference through livestreaming.

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Various livestream possibilities

We offer multiple options for livestreaming meetings from our conference rooms. For example, consider a hybrid, split or fully online meeting. We can provide you with all the necessities such as internet, camera(s), microphones, livestream software and support from a professional technician.


Hybrid meeting

  • Combination between physical and online
  • Unlimited number of online participants
  • Recording of livestream possible
  • Sustainable

Split meeting

  • Participants at one location, spread over several rooms
  • One trainer or chairman of the day
  • Livestream to multiple venues
  • Recording of livestream possible

Online meeting

  • Professional studio
  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Participants are at home
  • Recording of livestream possible
  • Sustainable
  • What is a hybrid meeting?

    A hybrid meeting or conference combines physical with online. The chairman, trainer or speaker and some of the participants are present on location. The other participants follow the meeting online from home.

    This makes it possible to have a much larger number of guests participating than during a traditional meeting. In addition, it gives participants the option to attend the meeting from home. This is useful when you want to save commuting time and is good for the environment.

  • What is an online meeting?

    An online meeting is a webinar, online course/training or consultation. Here, you want your online meeting to look professional. In order to be able to hold your online meeting in peace, it is therefore nice to use a closed room that has a professional appearance. We provide fast internet and, of course, all technical necessities to ensure that the livestream runs smoothly.


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