Chi Neng Qigong

5 to 35 people
30 or 60 minutes
From € 200

Chi Neng Qigong, a unique combination of meditation and body movement, is a Chinese traditional art of body movement with positive effects on vitality and health. The exercises use the movement of the body to help the spirit rest, to observe, to exercise and to revitalise.

And…Chi Neng Qigong does more than care for your body alone. It increases focus, decreases stress, strengthens the immune system and gives inner strength and self-confidence.

This unique art of movement is very much accessible for everyone, and the effects are felt immediately. All movements are made from a standing position and a specific outfit is not required. This makes it a perfect way for a meeting break or a relaxing break during an intense process.

Prince indication: 

30 minutes: € 236.50 up to 20 persons, extra persons € 13.50 per person

60 minutes: € 346.50 up to 20 persons, extra persons € 19.80 per person

* excluding travel costs (30 km)

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