E-chopper package

5 to 60 people
1, 2 to 3 hours
From € 65.90 p.p.

The e-chopper tour is a wonderful activity for everyone. While the wind blows through your hair, the sun shines on your face, all you hear is the sound of whistling birds. The e-chopper is completely silent and is environmentally-friendly. The only thing you’ll have to do? Enjoy!

The e-chopper tour is a magnificent way to blow off some steam. You’ll discover the beautiful area in which our venue is located in both an adventurous and relaxing way. Visit the old town of Amersfoort and head on towards polder landscapes and dunes. Download a route with the app, and your navigation system will do the rest.

E-choppers have a maximum speed of 25 km/h (15m/h), so wearing a helmet is not required. Prior to departure, you’ll be fully briefed about the e-choppers, discuss any particularities your route might have, and take a group picture. Riding an e-chopper does require a vehicle or scooter driving license. Participants who do not possess a driving license can alternatively travel by Fatmax Kickbikes (electrical kick scooters), which easily maintain the same pace as the e-choppers.

Price indication including VAT
€ 65.90 per person for one, two or three hours (including liability insurance)

Optional guide
€ 66.55 per hour

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