Dog mirroring

1 to 18 people
1.5 hours
From € 1.410,86

Dog mirroring is a special activity that gives you a clear look into your own behaviour, based on the behaviour reflected back to you by dogs. This is an excellent leadership training as well as a great metaphor to further deepen your understanding of leadership and communication in an unusual context. This workshop consists of various elements that revolve around the interaction between people and man’s best friend.

During this workshop, you’ll meet an impressive pack of Border Collies of various ages and with different characters. As this is one of the most intelligent dog species, success is guaranteed as long as you know how to find the right vibe with them. This is exactly the challenging part with every dog and in every setting!

Price indication

0-9 persons: € 1410.86
10-14 persons: € 1558.60
15-18 persons: € 1742.30

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