Campfire session

6 to 12 people
2 to 3 hours
From € 600

During this campfire session, you gather around the campfire to share your own wisdom around a theme, and be inspired by the wisdom of others. This is done in a dialogue set-up, the talking stick, which is passed around the group, to enable everyone to get the space to share. The central vision is that everyone has insights worth sharing, which inspires one another to reach the best conclusions. The best conversations are those around a campfire!

The theme of the campfire session is tailored to your programme, so that it gives input for your organisation or team. Examples include leadership, integrity, new visions, work pleasure, passion, talents and more.

Practical information
12 persons per campfire, more persons on request

Price indication including VAT
Per group of maximum 12 people € 600

€ 75 for the campfire and € 5.50 per person for a campfire break including campfire, fleece blankets and roasting marshmallows.

Excluding travel expenses at € 0.23 per km

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