Campfire break

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From € 75

The campfire is the place where conversations arise and where your team or guests can end the day in a special way. In the middle of nature with the crackling sound of the campfire in the background.

It is not without reason that there are so many cultures worldwide where it is tradition to gather around the campfire to tell stories, discuss and make music. Just look at the Finns, who use the campfire for barbecuing and warming up. The Navajo Indians tell stories and the Botswanans discuss with each other around the fire. Looking at Western traditions, marshmallows should of course not be missing from our own campfire.

The campfire break takes place at our specially designed campfire spot in the forest garden, behind Cenakel Monastery. The site is equipped with tree trunk seats and picnic tables.

Price indication including VAT

  • Campfire break including fleece blankets, roasting marshmallows and a snack cone: €6 per person
  • Use of the campfire area* including fire: €75
  • Drinks are charged on consumption

*The campfire area can be used between 3:00 PM and 11:00 PM.

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