Sunday menu

€ 19.00 per dish

All dishes are served with bread and tapenade

Pad thai prawn noodles

Noodles, prawns, pad thai sauce, white cabbage, ginger, retich, sesame

Bamboo Chicken Thai Red Curry

Chicken thigh, rice, red curry, sugar snap peas, coconut

Pumpkin ravioli

Ravilio filled with pumpkin and rich spinach sauce

Potato & beans Sumatra rendang

Rice, coconut, white cabbage, potato and kidney beans

Spanish beef stew

Stewed beef with chorizo, confit potatoes and white beans

Mediteranian fish couscous

Pangafilet with spices, pearl couscous, carrot, zucchini and bell pepper

* Our chefs prefers to work with seasonal products. As a result, the menu changes regularly. The menu above is subject to changes.