3 conference rooms - 25 meeting rooms - 2 historical buildings - 131 hotel rooms - 1 outdoor area


All meeting and conference rooms have day light and are equiped with a flip chart, projector, screen and sound system. Free and stable WiFi is available through the buildings. The large conference rooms (suitable for groups up to 200 persons) also have a system with a lapel microphone and a wireless microphone. This equipment is included in the use of the rooms. Of course another setup is possible but will incure a surgarge. Below we have listed the most common extra’s. In case we do not have the requested equipment we can rent with highly recommended partners.

The meeting packages do not include room rent. The rates include 21% VAT. In case your meeting takes place on Saturday and/or Sunday we offer 50% discount on the room rental. Based on availability we can offer NGO’s a discount on the room rental on weekdays too. Please check for availability with our reservations department.


Sound system with 1 lapel microphone and 1 wireless microphone (at € 150.00 per day)included
Extra lapel microphone or wireless microphone € 67.50
Headset with receiver€ 95.00
Extra microphone (wired)€ 27.50
Mobile sound system with 1 wireless microphone€ 80.00
Audio multi-track recorder for speech recording; only available in the large conference rooms€ 125.00
Active subwoofer 1000 Watt, for the low tones of music; only available in the large conference rooms€ 125.00
Extra projector€ 185.00
Full HD 55 inch screen on a foot€ 275.00
Laptop € 95.00
Pin or poster bord€ 40.00
Whiteboard / extra flip chart € 20.00
Technical assistance (exclusively for your meeting), per hour€ 75.00
 If not mentioned otherwise the rates are per day and include 21% VAT.