Dear guest,

Due to the novel coronavirus and the precautionary measures and restrictions that are imposed by the Dutch government, your visit to Conference Hotel Kontakt der Kontinenten may be slightly different than you may be used to. With the motto give each other space, we will do everything we can to allow you to enjoy a carefree and safe visit to our location, despite the measures taken.

We can imagine how this situation raises some question marks with you. The answers to many frequently asked questions can be found at the lower end of this page.

Can’t find the answer to your question? Please contact us by e-mail via info@kontaktderkontinenten.nl or by phone via +31 (0)346 35 17 55.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you in our hotel once again!

Team Kontakt der Kontinenten

Frequently asked questions

Latest update: Monday 28  February

From February 25: A coronavirus entry pass or health check is no longer necessary.

From February 18: Face masks are no longer required.

From February 18: The 1.5 metres distance rule does no longer apply. This means that all meeting rooms en public spaceswill be used at full capacity.

From February 18: KonneKt restaurant, bar and lounge is open is normal.