4 tot 12 personen
From 2 hours
From € 1.990 per group

SPARQzone is a unique meeting space to be together in a relaxed and inspiring way. A place to get started with vision, creativity, communication or leadership. Whether you want to brainstorm, tackle difficult issues or discuss important themes such as inclusion and diversity.

SPARQzone takes you off the beaten track and opens doors to new insights. Twelve floating chairs form a circle, connected from the center. Something special happens when you are in SPARQzone, you are away from it all, relaxed and on par with others. This gives a sense of security, equality and solidarity.

SPARQzone is an open space in which action does not necessarily lead to reaction. SPARQzone is a place for reflection, inspiration, insights and connection. A place where you can fully connect with yourself while being connected to others.

Of course you can also use SPARQzone as a special and unique team building activity. One thing is certain: you will leave with sparkling energy!

Price indication including VAT

From € 1990 per group, including a facilitator
Excluding € 55 travel costs

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