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A stage

Kontakt der Kontinenten offers NGO’s who organize meetings concerning a more sustainable and just society a stage. On 23 and 24 October 2017 we offered the stage to the Oxfam Reseach Network organizing the conference:

Evidence for influencing conference

Organised by the Oxfam Research Network. Hosted by Kontakt der Kontinenten.

A strong evidence base is crucial for Oxfam’s influencing work and robust research is essential for a strong evidence base. Research for influencing may involve evidence about (a) what needs to change -whether government policies, company practices or public attitudes and behaviours – as well as innovative solutions (b) who has power to make the change, and who and what influences them and (c) how to achieve change including which influencing strategies and tactics work in which contexts.
This conference offers a valuable opportunity to share experiences and to explore and discuss the role of research and evidence in the influencing journey. It aims to help participants understand the different research options that are available and strengthen participants’ skills and expertise, e.g. on rankings, scorecards, indices, killer facts, case studies, audience research and big data.

Questions we will be discussing

  • How have ways and theories of influencing evolved over time?
  • What types of research and evidence play which roles in influencing trajectories?
  • How can we best use research for evidence-informed influencing and what tensions and challenges do we face?
  • What trends and drivers affect the relationship between research and influencing in an era of populism and devaluation of facts?
  • Which areas of evidence for influencing provide untapped potential?

Download the program of the Conference

Photo credit: James Akena / Oxfam Novib